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Brick Built Compression Knee Sleeve

  • $ 39.99

Brick Built's Compression knee sleeve is great for any physical activity. Our knee sleeve protects your knees from future injuries or pressures while exercising. This is the best knee compression sleeve for running, jogging, and many more sport activities while relieving knee pain.

-Contoured to fit knee perfectly
-5mm Neoprene material is flexible and durable
-Does not prohibit functional movement of the knees
-Reduce pain, pressure, and strain on the knees during lunges, squats or any knee bending activity.
-Great protection for knees under daily pressure like running, jumping, etc.
-Slides on over the knee, no straps or fasteners
-Helps Stabilize the knee during movement

*The sleeves should fit snug over the knee but not too tightly where the fit is uncomfortable.
Size chart is below. Size charts are estimates only:

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