Brick Built Trimmer Capris (Black)

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READY TO SWEAT?  These workout capris are made of neoprene material. These neoprene pants increase and retain body heat during exercise to help promote perspiration, therefore, ridding the body of unwanted bloating due to excessive water retention while giving your body a more sleek look.  You can perform any type of workout wearing our sweat capri pants. Best results are seen when a person incorporates exercise while using this product!

Make sure you check out the matching Brick Built Trimmer Top for a total body SWEAT SESSION!  
Go here--->   Brick Built Trimmer Top (Black 
Brick Built Long Sleeve Trimmer Top (Black)

* Inside drawstring
* Pocket on right hip
* Small inside pocket
* Made of Nylon, Neoprene and Polyester fabrics
* Black. Inside is purple. 
* Light-weight
* Stretchy material 
* Hand wash cold. Mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron

*Size charts are an estimate only. 

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