Sweat Tank w/Waist Trimmer (Black)

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NEW UPDATE! We have made the bra portion 1.5" longer so you don't have that gap between the waist trimmer and bra. More thickness to hold in more heat! 

An all-in-one neoprene vest with a waist trimmer attached. Therefore it holds in body heat a lot better. Zip up the top, fasten the waist trimmer and you're READY TO SWEAT! This women's sweat vest holds in your body heat so you can sweat more during your workouts. The waist trimmer does not have to be uncomfortable or tight around your waist. Just make sure it is snug and fitted.

Sweating helps you lose the bloating caused by excessive water retention. Some of us tend to retain more water than others. This sauna sweat vest will not reduce fat...it only helps reduce water retention.  A woman's breasts are made up of mostly fat tissue. So you won't have to worry about the breast getting smaller from losing water. Best results are seen when a person incorporates exercise and diet changes while using this product!

* Targets stomach, love handles, and back
* Nylon, polyester, and neoprene
* Front Zipper
* Waist trimmer has adjustable velcro for a secure fit.
* Waist trimmer has an inside pocket for storing keys, phones, money, etc.
* Hand wash cold. Mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron
* Stretchy
* Lightweight. Not bulky.   
* Sizes: SM-3XL
*For sanitary reasons, clothing made to promote sweating is NON-REFUNDABLE  

The model is wearing a small.
Model's height is 5'7"
Chest: 36-D

Sizes charts are an estimate only: 

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