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Finally a workout DVD by the CURVEOLOGIST herself, Buffie the Body!!! Buffie coaches you rep by rep on how to sculpt the thighs and plump the booty! Build and shape a lower body that ALL WOMEN CRAVE! Included in this video is a heart-pumping cardio session followed by an intense glute, hamstrings, and quadriceps weight training session. To cool the body and muscles down, Buffie takes you through a light stretching program. This is a DVD that EVERY WOMAN needs in her stash! *BONUS: Included with this DVD is a “Cuts-N-Curves” meal plan!*  

*Equipment needed: dumbbells, resistance bands, and a weighted bar.
**The dumbbells and weighted bar intensity (size) will depend on your own fitness level. Always remember to choose a weight that challenges your body.* 

Our Grade A Glutes fitness DVD is popular on and is one of our Best Sellers!

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