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best weighted vest weight vest for running weight vest benefits Brick Built Weight Vest (10 Lbs.) Brick Built Weight Vest (10 Lbs.)

Brick Built Weight Vest (10 Lbs.)

  • $ 38.99

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Are you ready to put your body into complete OVERDRIVE? This 10 LBS. Brick Built Weight Vest will increase the intensity of all workouts by forcing your body to work harder.

If you need a weight vest for running, jogging, jumping, etc, then this is the product for you!! We have the best weighted vest on the market!

With any exercise, the more weight you use the more your muscles will have to adapt to the higher weight and stress. In return, this builds strength, muscles, stronger bones and a stronger cardiovascular system. Gain your speed and quickness that normally would not be possible without having this extra weight attached to your body are just a couple weight vest benefits! Now you see why professional athletes wear them all the time during training! This weight vest will definitely put you on a totally different fitness/health level! It's easy to wear. Just slide your head through the opening letting the vest rest on your shoulders. Buckle and tighten the side straps to fit snug (not tight) on your body and YOU ARE READY TO GO!! It even has a pocket on the front to carry your phone or MP3 player. 

  Benefits of wearing a weight vest: 
- Enhanced calorie burn
- Increased strength and power
- Increased natural fat loss
- Intensify aerobic exercises
- Build denser and stronger bones
- Increase the metabolic cost of all types of exercises

  Type of exercises you can do:
- Weight training
- Walking
- Activities around the house
- Jogging 
-  Aerobic exercises
- Stair climbing
- Plyometrics
- Jumping rope

*Every individual WILL NOT be physically and mentally ready to wear this weight vest. If you don't exercise at all we suggest you start before attempting to add a weight vest to your routine. If you're not exercising with the correct form we strongly recommend you learn the proper form BEFORE you add a weight vest (or any type of resistance) to your workouts. Please consult a trained and certified professional before using this vest or starting any type of strenuous exercise regimen. 

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