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Finally a workout DVD by the CURVEOLOGIST herself, Buffie the Body!!! Buffie coaches you rep by rep on how to sculpt the thighs and plump the booty! Build and shape a lower body that ALL WOMEN CRAVE! Included in this video is a heart-pumping cardio session followed by an intense glute, hamstrings, and quadriceps weight training session. To cool the body and muscles down, Buffie takes you through a light stretching program. This is a DVD that EVERY WOMAN needs in her stash! *BONUS: Included with this DVD is a “Cuts-N-Curves” meal plan!*  

*Equipment needed: dumbbells, resistance band (sold here), and a weighted bar.
**The dumbbells and weighted bar intensity (size) will depend on your own fitness level. Always remember to choose a weight that challenges your body.* 

Our Grade A Glutes fitness DVD is popular on BrickBuilt.com and is one of our Best Sellers!

Click here to watch Grade A Glutes trailer---> Grade A Glutes trailer

 (1) Hour Glass ABS

Hour Glass ABS in 3-D Animation by Buffie the Body!! We're leaving NO ABS UNTOUCHED in this all-new abdominal program!!! We'll start you off with a sweat busting cardio session and then off to a full AB BLASTING workout! This DVD will target the upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and the deep abs! BOY O BOY! I sure hope you ladies are ready for this! Your abs will definitely be screaming EXHAUSTION after this workout. Most importantly, we're making every exercise in this DVD COUNT!    

Hour Glass ABS DVD consists of:
* 7 mins of cardio (warm-up)
* full abdominal workout
* 7 mins of stretching (cool-down)
* The total workout is approx: 45 mins
* easy to follow along
* a demo of each exercise before you start (so you'll always know what exercise is next) 
* an on-screen counter so you can effortlessly track your reps and sets    

Equipment needed: 
* exercise mat
* one 5lb weighted object (a dumbbell or medicine ball will do) 

A 3-D Animation model has movements identical to the movements of real people. So if you can follow a DVD with a real-life instructor, this DVD will be no different. This DVD is extremely easy to follow along. The intro explains the video and there are also explanations throughout the video. Every exercise in this video will start with a short demo so you're always aware of the next exercise. If you're serious about your midsection; YOU WILL LOVE THIS DVD!   

*You do not have to complete this entire DVD in one day. You can do half one day, rest the next day and do the remaining DVD the following day. 

Our Hour Glass ABS fitness DVD is popular on BrickBuilt.com and is one of our Best Sellers!

Every great ab program needs an equally great nutrition plan!  
To shrink your waistline, even more, make sure you're wearing your Brick Built waist trimmer during this entire workout (sold here on the website)! 

View Hour Glass promo video here: HourGlass Abs the trailer  


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