Glute Bundle w/Knee Sleeves
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Glute Bundle w/Knee Sleeves

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(1) Squat Belt:
This belt adds resistance to any of your squat exercises. This belt will help make your squats more challenging therefore helping to build muscles in the lower body, specifically the glutes, thighs and hips. This squat belt can help you reach your goals of getting that bigger, nicer, rounder butt. Staying consistent is key. The only way to get continuous growth is to keep challenging your muscles.   

Wear this belt only when exercising. Fits waist sizes from 27 inches up to 43 inches. 

The Brick Built Squat Belt comes with:
* Three pair of tubes- light, medium and heavy resistance (foot straps attachments on each tube)
* One adjustable nylon/neoprene belt with Velcro and quick-release clip buckle 
* One carrying bag
*This belt does have Velcro. Velcro is a fastener. Be careful not to let the Velcro part of the belt attach to your clothing. It could ruin certain types of fabrics.


How to use the Brick Built Squat Belt  (purchased before November 2016)

How to Use the Brick Built Squat Belt  (purchased after November 2016)

Over 20 exercises you can do with your Brick Built Squat Belt!

(1) Grade A Glutes:
Finally a workout DVD by the CURVEOLOGIST herself, Buffie the Body!!! Buffie coaches you rep by rep on how to sculpt the thighs and plump the booty! Build and shape a lower body that ALL WOMEN CRAVE! Included in this video is a heart-pumping cardio session followed by an intense glute, hamstrings and quadriceps weight training session. To cool the body and muscles down, Buffie takes you through a light stretching program. This is a DVD that EVERY WOMAN needs in her stash! *BONUS: Included with this DVD is a “Cuts-N-Curves” meal plan!*  

*Equipment needed: dumbbells, resistance band (sold here) and a weighted bar.
**The dumbbells and weighted bar intensity (size) will depend on your own fitness level. Always remember to chose a weight that challenges your body.* 

Our Grade A Glutes fitness DVD is popular on and is one of our Best Sellers!

(1) Brick Built Resistance Bands (3 pack):
Up the intensity of your workout with resistance bands!  Three stages of resistance: Light, medium and heavy. This band set goes great with the Grade A Glutes DVD!  Keep challenging your muscles so they'll continue to build and grow!  

Resistance bands are a great way to add variety to your strength training routine. May assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss & are ideal for travel.

Our resistance bands are easy to use and perfect for women on the go!  These resistance bands can make a true difference in your workout and perfect for women who are busy and need portable exercise equipment to compliment their active lifestyle.

(1) Pair of Brick Built Knee Sleeves (sizes SM-3XL)
-Contoured to fit knee perfectly
-5mm Neoprene material is flexible and durable
-Does not prohibit functional movement of the knees
-Reduce pain, pressure and strain on the knees during lunges, squats or any knee bending activity.
-Great protection for knees under daily pressure like running, jumping, etc.
-Slides on over the knee, no straps or fasteners
-Helps Stabilize the knee during movement



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