The Abs Takeover Kit #2
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The Abs Takeover Kit #2

  • $ 11.99

(1) Brick Built Waist Trimmer Belt: This waist belt helps retain heat around your midsection. In return, you shed unwanted water weight and lose inches. The increased sweating around your midsection (love handles, upper & lower abs, lower back) becomes especially effective while training and targeting your abs muscles. Only wear this waist trimmer during your workouts and remove it after your workout is complete. This trimmer helps to increase perspiration in the midsection. This method has done wonders for many women (and men) midsections! Best results are seen when a person incorporates exercise while using this product!

(1) Hour Glass Abs: We're leaving NO ABS UNTOUCHED in this abdominal program!!! We'll start you off with a sweat busting cardio session and then off to a full AB BLASTING workout! This DVD will target the upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and the deep abs! BOY O BOY! I sure hope you ladies are ready for this! Your abs will definitely be screaming EXHAUSTION after this workout. Most importantly, we're making every exercise in this DVD COUNT! 

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