Shipping Insurance & Signature Confirmation

Shipping Insurance Policies:
If you purchased Shipping Insurance and your shipment is lost during transit (from our warehouse to your shipping address) we will replace your entire order at no cost to you. Shipping Insurance is offered through Brick Built and not the USPS. This insurance will be offered during the checkout process to all our customers. You can "accept" it or "decline" it. Shipping Insurance is completely optional and you do not have to purchase it.  

We WILL cover your shipment under these conditions:
1.You must purchase the Shipping Insurance with your order.

2. The shipping address you provided us during your ordering process is an accurate and shippable address. If your package is deemed “Undeliverable” by the United States Postal Service (USPS), your Shipping Insurance becomes invalid and a claim cannot be filed.  Please make sure your shipping address is correct before checking out.

3. If your package is lost during transit from our warehouse to your address. 

We WILL NOT cover your shipment under these conditions:
1. If you provided an incorrect shipping address during the ordering process. PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct before checking out.

2. If your shipment is an international shipment. We do not offer Shipping Insurance for international shipments.

3. If your order is stating "Delivered" by USPS but is stolen from your location. Please know the safety of your shipping location. If you are unsure about the theft in your shipping area please email us BEFORE you place an order and inquire about "Signature Confirmation". The USPS charges an extra fee for this service.  

Signature Confirmation helps you track and confirm your package by letting you know the date and time your shipment has been delivered AND who received it. This information is available to you for one year after delivery.

NOTE: Signature Confirmation does not speed up the delivery time nor does it provide any additional tracking information.

Signature Confirmation is best for shippers who like added reassurance. Although this service doesn’t require the intended recipient to be the one who signs, the service gives the sender confirmation that it was, in fact, received by human hands and not left on a doorstep or in a hallway.
 Someone will need to be available to sign for your package. It can NOT be left at your location.

How to file a claim with Brick Built:
Simply email us with your full name and order number and we will handle the rest.

*Shipping Insurance is totally optional. You do not have to purchase it. If your package is lost during transit and you did not purchase the optional Shipping Insurance you will need to contact the United States Postal Service directly to file a claim.

Phone USPS:  1-800-275-8777
File a claim with USPS click here 
Contact USPS via email click here  
USPS website click here